Zoe Fiedel with her parents, Brad and Anne, at the De Marcos Fashion Academy.





"Our daughter Zoe doubted she was a very good artist, she was awakening to new ideas, and she clearly wanted to learn more. We enrolled her in the VADA program at SBHS. On a winter's evening following the VADA holiday party at the Dance Arts building on Cesar Chavez, something miraculous happened. Zoe caught sight of a new world through a doorway. Inside were dress forms donned with captivating designs. The walls were covered with dynamic and colorful sketches. We stepped into the studio and heard a powerful voice say ,"Come on in". Jodi introduced herself and her students. The young people were busy as bees in a hive, but they took the time to speak with Zoe, and show her there work. And it wasn't long before Zoe became a part of it all. 

Jodi has encouraged her development as an artist - and Zoe feels empowered. She's in her fifth quarter now. Zoe shopped for the fabric and stitched four beautiful designs for the 2011 winter fashion show - all by the end of her third quarter there. Jodi sees Zoe for who she is - a blossoming designer. She respects and propels Zoe forward all at the same time. Jodi really "gets" young people, she wants them to believe in themselves and excel. This is exactly what we believe our daughter was yearning for - a mentor of the highest sort. VADA requires their students to have internships, and to be mentored. We sure got lucky!"


-Brad and Anne Fiedel










Mariella Dentzel with her mother, Barbara, at the De Marcos Fashion Academy.           






"Mariella has finally found a place in our own town
where she can thrive and study as an aspiring designer. I felt
as though I had discovered a secret treasure in my backyard
when I walked through the doors of De Marcos Fashion Academy.
Designing and making her own clothes since she was
fourteen, Mariella had been alone in her world until we
were led to Jodi's door. We thought she'd have to
wait until College to receive such professional training."

-Barbara Dentzel






Nicholas at LA International Airport, on his way to attend Polimoda Fashion School in Florence, Italy. Sister, Daniela with Yolanda and Lance Sylvia are there for the send off.


"For the past two years, Jodi De Marcos has become both a friend to our family and Mentor to our children.  Our son Nicholas, 19, has not only shown an improvement in his artwork but also in his maturity level and self-confidence.  Jodi has taught our daughter Daniela, 16 to trust herself and her talents, which have given her determination and drive to reach her goals."

-Lance and Yolanda Sylvia









Gabriella Gilman at the De Marcos Fashion Academy.





"The results are really gratifying. I'm really impressed with her (Gabriella's) work and her drawings have exceeded my expectations."

-Richard Gilman







Ms. Angelina Jimenez and her son Eduardo Gonzalez at De Marcos Fashion Academy fashion illustration exhibit. Eduardo is passionate to design a costume for the intriguing Lady Gaga someday soon.



"I am very thankful for De Marcos Fashion Academy and its founder Jodi De Marcos for giving my son the opportunity to discover to discover his talents.  She has given her students a sense of security, motivation and dedication.  She has also helped each of her students to discover their goals, as well as their confidence in them selves and in their work. She is a very special person and we are very thankful to have her in our lives."

-Angelina Jimenez




Ms. Glover, Mr. Glover, Ms. De Marcos and Chante Glover previewing the wedding dress design by Nicholas Sylvia.

"It has been truly my pleasure to have met you. Since the first day of your mentoring my daughter, I saw AMAZING results. Especially in the level of self-confidence she rose to. Her mom and I hardly recognized the poised young lady walking the improvised "Runway" that you setup, when you came to visit us. From that point on I have seen that confidence grow in other areas of her life. Thank you so much for the time that you put in and the genuine caring that you show to my daughter."

-Ron Glover


"From the first moment Chante awkwardly "walked" for Jodi to now,  has shown an incredible transformation. She is now capable of selling fun fashions to Haute Couture and would stand out in any agency she would want to work for. Jodi's knowledge of what it takes to do this is excellent and she knows the obvious requirements but even more so, the subtle things that make a model stand out and be noticed. She is honest and straight-forward with her encouragment and direction. Additionally, we have admired Jodi's dedication to cultivating the "whole" child, not just the physical aspects and abilities. This will help ground a child in what could otherwise be viewed as a superficial and limited occupation."

-Welmoet R.H.G.


Timo Nuñez



"As a young person in small town, I always had big ideas. Thanks to the guidance and friendship of Jodi De Marcos I learned how to take my ideas and make them come to life through business and ultimately through my art.  As a working dancer, choreographer, model and actor living in Hollywood, I carry these tools into each day of my profession and remember the encouraging lessons that I learned from Ms. De Marcos; be confident, stay grounded, run a business and be kind."

-Timo Nuñez


Brittany and her mother, Patti Teel.
"Since my daughter has been attending De Marcos Fashion Academy, she has gained confidence, valuable insights, and skills that will help her to succeed in the competitive world of fashion design.
Jodi individualizes the instruction -- recognizes the unique talents of each student and ensures their success. I highly endorse Jodi and the De Marcos Fashion Academy."
-Patti Teel




Wesly and his mother, Cecilia Villaseñor-Johnson at the De Marcos Fashion Academy. Wesly is studying fashion design and illustration while building a portfolio for modeling.

"Our son has been studying at the DeMarcos Academy for a few months now. The changes we have seen in his persona, his illustrations and design as well as the way he moves and carries himself are astounding, We are very pleased. I love to go to the academy and see what every one is working on, the students are always excitedly captivated in their amazing projects."
-Jay Johnson and Cecilia Villaseñor-Johnson
"Working with and being mentored by Jodi De Marcos has not only helped me to confide in myself and to realize my potential as a fashion designer, illustrator and a model, but has also helped me in many other aspects of my life as well. She has helped me to believe that some of my dreams can become a reality, if I just work for them!"
-Wesly Johnson
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